Gangaji & Eli Retreat – March 2013


After 19 years absence from India, Gangaji and Eli returned to Lucknow this March and held a 3 weeks retreat at Satsang Bhavan and Brindavan Farm.
More than 160 people from all over the world attended the retreat and drank the nectar of Papaji’s grace, falling in love with his loving presence. Om Sadguru Dev Namah!

Satsang in Satsang Bhavan

Aarti in Satsang Bhavan

Satsang at Brindavan Farm

Honouring the Hosts


Homam @ Sadguru Temple

Relaxing at the Farm

Aarti at Sadguru Temple

Satsang Bhavan Roof Restaurant

OM Shanti Shanti Shanti

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