Papaji’s House

Papaji’s family now lives in the house where Papaji spent his last years. It is located near Satsang Bhavan and all are welcome to visit and pay their respects to Papaji. It’s a blessing to spend some moments in his bedroom which is filled with HIS Presence. It is a sanctuary of peace and silence.

Papaji shifted to this house in Indira Nagar, Lucknow, in September 1990 when his health did not permit him to travel.

Papaji started giving satsang in the living room in the mornings. From morning to evening many of his disciples were always, present in this room with him, or waiting for him. This room also served as a dining place. Forty to fifty people could easily sit the floor and enjoy the ‘food served from the kitchen.

Where his ‘samadhi’ is now, that was the place where he used to sit and give satsang.

Papaji’s bedroom is still maintained in the same way. The bedroom was his resting place and also served as a small satsang room where people shared their problems with him. Many still come to meditate and sit in this room and experience his presence and peace.

Papaji’s house is always open to his devotees from all over the world.

Puja and bhajans are sung to commemorate special days like:
Guru Purnima – full moon in July
Mahanirvana day – September 6
Papaji’s birthday – October 13

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Papaji’s great grandchildren:
Krishna, Shiva, Om and Arjun

Papaji’s gradson & family:
Sanjay, Minu, Arjun and Krishna

The whole of Papaji’s family. From the second row left:
Prem, Sanjay, Usha, Jaya, Sanjeev, Shiva, 0m, Arjun, Indu and Krishna



Indira Nagar
Uttar Pradesh-226016