The Satsang Bhavan staff is experienced in organizing seminars, groups and retreats . Our facilities are extensive and include both Satsang Bhavan and Kamal Guest house as well as the farm grounds where outdoor tents have often been constructed for various events. We have connections with various nearby hotels and guest houses therefore allowing us to offer comfortable accommodation to large numbers. Our staff can provide delicious organic food suited to Westerners and Indians both in Satsang Bhavan and on the farm . The staff is familiar with the demands of a seminar/ retreat and can give you all the assistance needed for a successful and harmonious program.

Satsang Bhavan and Brindhavan Farm are available for retreats, workshops and special celebrations that are in keeping with the essence of our origins.

Examples might include:

  • Meditation Sessions or Retreats
  • Yoga Sessions or Retreats
  • Personal Growth Workshops
  • Celebrations of Truth and Freedom
  • Chanting/Kirtan Sessions Etc


Our extensive facilities at Satsang Bhavan include:

  • Large Hall – dimensions 29 feet wide x 47 feet long(8.8m x 14.3m)
  • Projector – ceiling mounted
  • Projector Screen – ceiling mounted
  • DVD/CD Player
  • Air Conditioning
  • Accommodation options
  • Transportation arrangements
  • In-house Meal options
  • Tea & Coffee if required
  • Tent / Marquee options at Brindhavan Farm
  • Floor cushions
  • Break-out Rooms

about lucknow

The origin & history of Lucknow is truly intriguing not just to the historians but also to the common man. The
history of Lucknow can be traced back to the ancient times of the Suryavanshi Dynasty. It is said that
Lakshmana, who was the brother of Lord Rama, laid the foundation of the ancient city. This was near the
Gomti River on an elevated piece of land. It was then called Lakshmanpur. However, the city came into notice
only during the 18th Century.
It was during the year 1720 when the great Mughal emperors began to appoint Nawabs in order to ensure
smooth administration in the province. In the year 1732, Mohammad Amir Saadat Khan was appointed as the
viceroyal of Awadh, in which Lucknow was a major province. It was then that the powerful dynasty of the
Nawab, which changed the history of this unknown place. Under the rule of the Nawabs, Lucknow flourished
like never before. After 1755, Lucknow grew by leaps and bounds under the rule of the fourth Nawab
Asaf-ud-Daula. Lucknow flourished in each and every aspect, which includes poetry, dance, music and the
other finer aspects of the lifestyle of Lucknow.
It was when the British came to India that Lucknow was made into an administrative capital. There were many
uprisings during the British rule by Indian radicals and many ghastly incidents left Lucknow with bad
memories. However, after independence Lucknow was declared the capital of the state of Uttar Pradesh by the
Government of India. Since then it has progressed beautifully, merging skillfully the past with the present.


Transportation is available within Lucknow . Travel arrangements to any given place worldwide can be
arranged through the Satsang Bhavan front desk.

Shopping in lucknow

Lucknow chikan is perhaps one of the finest works of embroidery that one can find in India. It is known for its
exquisite style and fine needlework and is unparalleled when it comes to refinement. It is combines with
Zardosi (embroidery with gold and silver threads) and crystal work and embroidered on clothes for women,
men, kids, mats, bed sheets, table mats and just about anything you can think of. They make great gifts and
beautiful souvenirs. Shopping in the city’s markets, with their narrow old lanes and countless shops, has its
own charm. Apart from chikan work, the royal city is also renowned for its exquisite jewellery pieces and ittar
(perfume). A visit to Lucknow’s most famous shopping hubs such as Aminabad, Janpath, Chowk, Gadbadjhala
and Alambagh, is guaranteed to be a memorable experience in more ways than one.

lucknow tours

Lucknow is a beautiful city that still retains its old world charm. Your tour to Lucknow will be a truly
memorable one when you travel in India. While arranging for Lucknow sightseeing tours, make sure that you
visit the following tourist attractions that are worth seeing. The exquisite monuments that were built during the
ancient times are still preserved for the present to see and cherish.
Lucknow Tours : Bara Imambara, Rumi gate, British Residency, Ambedkar Park. Hazratganj